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Pepsi-Cola Kingdom

Pepsi History

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This is the page where I'll describe the history of pepsi.

The Start Of Pepsi

Caleb Bradham wanted to be a pharmacist. Somethings just never work out. Caleb had to drop out of school and return home when his father's business failed. He opened a drug store on Broad Street in New Bern, North Carolina. In the summer of 1890, to keep inviting customers into his drug store he invented new flavors of soda fountain drinks. He eventally came up with a distinctive mixture of kola nut extract, vanilla and various tasty oils. Well, his customers liked this soda fountain drink so much they called it Brads Drink". And they kept coming back for more (no doubt the caffeine in the kola extract). Caleb realized he had a winner and began to advertise his new soft drink. By 1898 he decided to name it "Pepsi-Cola" and said his new drink was "exhilarating, invigorating and aids digestion." In 1902, he began to package his syrup in his drugstores back room and sold the syrup to other soda fountains. At this time the concept of bottled drinks to drink at home was just coming into its own and most of soft drinks were still drank at ones favorite soda fountain. But Caleb realized that it was time to bottle his product so people could enjoy it anywhere. In 1903, Caleb applied to the U.S. Patent Office for his drink and received a trademark and patent for his Pepsi-Cola and the Pepsi Cola Company was born. And by the end of 1910 there were Pepsi-Cola franchises in 24 states.


Logo History

Pepsi-Cola Logo Timeline

1998: Pepsi unveils a new look – a three-dimensional globe against an ice blue background, which becomes a universal symbol for one Pepsi family – poised for innovation and world leadership as it enters the new millennium.

1991: To foster the earlier scripted logo's sense of movement, "Pepsi," now in italic capital typeface, is removed from a smaller blue and red Pepsi swirl and runs vertically up the package.

1973: The logo evolves into a boxed look with minor typeface changes occurring throughout the decade.

1965: The "Bottle Cap" look is replaced with two bulls-eye swish marks surrounding "Pepsi."

1962: A "serrated" bottle cap logo debuts, accompanying the brand's groundbreaking "Pepsi Generation" ad campaign.

1943: The logo incorporates a "bottle cap" look. The bottle cap logo includes the tag, "Bigger Drink, Better Taste." In 1958, the Pepsi swirl bottle bows with the "Be Sociable" advertising campaign.

1941: To support the war effort, the Pepsi bottle crown colors change to red, white and blue.

1940: New CEO Walter Mack adopts standardized embossed 12-oz. bottle, which debuts with the "Pepsi-Cola" label blown and baked into the glass.

1933: After giant candy company Loft, Inc. buys the company in 1931, Pepsi-Cola sells for 10 cents in a 12-ounce bottle instead of the standard six-ounce package size. The tagline "Refreshing & Healthful" is added to the Pepsi bottle logo. When the price of a "twelve full ounce" bottle is slashed to 5 cents, the tagline is dropped.

1906: Modified script logo is created along with the slogan, "The Original Pure Food Drink."

1903: The Pepsi-Cola trademark is registered.

1898: New Bern, N.C., pharmacist Caleb Bradham renames "Brad's Drink," his carbonated fountain cola concoction, Pepsi-Cola.